NIIT’s GNIIT Scope | GNIIT NIIT Diploma Programme Future

NIIT’s GNIIT Scope | GNIIT NIIT Diploma Programme Future :-

GNIIT is the course of NIIT in IT field. There is so many advantages of GNIIT course we make the future in software, hardware networking and RDMS, we select only one thing all of those thing.

  1. Software =  when we select the software, in which we read about the software, how to make the software, we use 2 type of  platform 1. .net and 2. Java.

1.1           In .net we make window application and connect with SQL server. And make soft application

1.2           In java it is high level language. in java language we make big or vast application,

In software we make a future as a software Engineering.

Today is the day of application people wants new and excited application like android , HD games , etc.

2.Hardware networking = in this we read only hardware related thing  and make a future as a networking field and make a satellite and robot.

It also a good option of gniit students.

3.RDBMS= in the we read how to make the project, and how to implement this project in software And which phase is fallow first.

Scope of GNIIT NIIT Diploma Programme

RDBMS is mostly use Commerce students because in the RDBMS we study totally management thing. And it is easy to understand the commerce students. After the study of RDBMS we make  a project manager and implementer of coding.

After the 1st semester we chose only one thing and make the future in one fiend.

Gniit is the advance course of niit. Its gnome the IT department and give the power of people to spend there life in full of application.

Gniit is the 3 year course in which 1st year we study all those thing and after 2 year we select our best thing and implement the study.

Gniit fee=175000+ s.t 12.3

Total fee = 190000 appox.

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