RU B.A.Part I II III Year Guess Paper 2014 University of Rajasthan

RU B.A. Part I II III Years Guess Papers 2013 University of Rajasthan:

The University of Rajasthan is one of the largest universities in India.  The University of Rajasthan has many educational institutions affiliated to it throughout India.  Since its establishment,  University of Rajasthan has been taking giant leaps in the field of quality education for the students.  Thousands of students from the Rajasthan State get admitted to the Rajasthan University for their regular Education programs. Besides, several thousands of students from the other parts of India wishing to pursue their studies as private students also seek admission to the prestigious University of Rajasthan.  The University of Rajasthan has dedicated faculties for all subjects, it provides education on.  Rajasthan University has emerged as a symbol of Global education.

Rajasthan University BA Guess Paper 2014

The University of Rajasthan offers the following course curriculums / subjects to the students at BA I, II & III Years every year.


B.A. PART-I (10 +2+3 Pattern) Syllabus 2013-14

B.A.Part I General Hindi Guess Paper 2014 B.A.1st year Distribution of Marks
B.A.Part I General English Guess Paper 2014 B.A.1st year Scheme of Examination
B.A.Part I Environmental Studies Guess Paper 2014 Garment Production and Export Management
B.A.Part I Elementary Hindi(in Lieu of Gen. Hindi) Investigative Bio-Technology
B.A.Part I English Language and Literature B.A.1st year Hindi Sahitya Guess Paper 2014
B.A.Part I Elementary Computer Application B.A.Part I Mathematics Guess Paper 2014
B.A.1st year Urdu Guess Paper 2014 B.A.Part I Economics Guess Paper 2014
B.A.Part I Persian Guess Paper 2014 B.A.Part I Geography Guess Paper 2014
B.A.1st year Arabic Guess Paper 2014 B.A.1st year Statistics Guess Paper 2014
B.A.1st year Sanskrit Guess Paper 2014 B.A.1st year Applied Statistics Guess Paper 2014
B.A.1st year Philosophy Guess Paper 2014 B.A.1st year Psychology Guess Paper 2014
B.A.1st year History Guess Paper 2014 B.A.1st year Rajasthani Guess Paper 2014
B.A.first year Political Science Guess Paper 2014 B.A.first year Sheep and Wool Guess Paper 2014
B.A.first year Indian Music Guess Paper 2014 Live Stock and Dairying Guess Paper 2014
B.A.first year Public Administration B.A.first year Anthropology Guess Paper 2014
B.A.1st year Drawing and Painting B.A.1st year Dramatics Guess Paper 2014
B.A.1st year Sociology Guess Paper 2014 Physical Education Guess Paper 2014
B.A.first year German Guess Paper 2014 B.A.1st year Computer Application
Indian Heritage and Rural handicraft B.A.first year Textile Craft Guess Paper 2014
B.A.first year French Guess Paper 2014 B.A.1st year Home Science Guess Paper 2014


B.A. PART-II (10 +2+3 Pattern) Syllabus 2013-14

Scheme of Examination French
Distribution of Marks Home Science
English Literature Textile Craft
Hindi Sahitya Investigate Bio-Technology
Urdu Garment Production and Export Management
Persian Indian Heritage in Rural Handicrafts
Arabic Mathematics
Sanskrit Economics
Philosophy Geography
History Statistics
Political Science Applied Statistics
Indian Music Psychology
Public Administration Rajasthani
Drawing and Painting Anthropology
Sociology Dramatics
German Computer Application
Physical Education



B.A. PART-III (10 +2+3 Pattern) Syllabus 2013-14

Scheme of Examination Economics
Distribution of Marks Geography
English Literature Statistics
Hindi Sahitya Applied Statistics
Urdu Psychology
Persian Textile Craft
Sanskrit Investigative Bio-Technology
Philosophy Garment Production and Export Management
History Mathematics
Political Science Rajasthani
Indian Music Sheep and Wool
Public Administration Live Stock and Dairying
Drawing and Painting Anthropology
Sociology Dramatics
German Vocational Computer Application
French Indian Heritage in Rural Handicrafts
Home Science Physical Education

RU B.A. I, II, III Guess Papers 2014

RU B.Com 1st 2nd 3rd Years Guess Papers 2014 University of Rajasthan

RU Guess Paper 2014

The University of Rajasthan has not announced the Guess Papers for the students of B.A. I, II & III 2014 Years.  We would bring the update as soon as there was an official announcement by the Department of Education, Government of Rajasthan and the University of Rajasthan. The students of BA I, II, III students should visit regularly.  Press Release on the same is likely to be issued by the University of Rajasthan at any time.  Therefore, the students shall have to wait for some more time to get updated about the Guess Papers for B.A. Ist, 2nd & 3rd Years.


We would advise the students of Rajasthan University to get the Previous Years’ Guess Papers published by the leading publishers till the University of Rajasthan releases notification or circulates information on uploading the Guess Papers for all the aforesaid subjects for all BA First Year, BA 2nd Year & BA Third Year students.  The students of Rajasthan University are advised to bookmark our webpage for an announcement on the same.

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